This week James Locksmith & Adriano K come together as their new SLEEPING SATELLITE project, taking over to make a mess in The Crate Living Room with all their gadgets and gear for a 2HR special show involving percussion, vocals, keys combined with DJing!

Tune in from 3-5 pm (Or More) GST (GMT +4) As always!
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James Locksmith is a DJ and producer from Sydney living in Dubai. For over a decade across the globe, he has entertained music lovers at beach bars, festivals, late night clubs, warehouse parties and on the airwaves. Since the late nineties he has worked with some of the world’s most influential music organisations, brands, artists and has produced world class events. In Sydney he regularly appeared on many independent stations and for 6 years he worked for Australia’s number one, FBi Radio 94.5FM as a specialist music radio host.

Dedicated to emerging music, a founding member of the DUST parties in Dubai, which have showcased a list of international and regional artists throughout the UAE, the Middle East and now into Greece. James is also resident DJ at Tamanya Terrace, Radisson Blu, Meida City, Dubai and Electric Days Dubai. 

Since early 2012 he has played an integral part in the development of Red Bull Music Academy in Dubai. He was also a participant in RBMA Bass Camp Dubai 2013 and formed part of launching, producing and is a host for RBMA Radio Middle East, Quarter Tone

Adriano K is founder of Desmo Records. A L.A.S. is a project that brings together old and new sounds from Argentina and Uruguay through 14 original old classic tracks recorded at Adriano’s studio in Dubai with the Trio de Cajón (2 Argentineans and 1 Uruguayan) and then remixed by producers around the world.

A L.A.S. is dedicated to Luis Alberto Spinetta (hence the name of the project) as he is the reason Adriano met with the Trio de Cajón whilst they performed at a restaurant in Dubai and played ‘Durazno Sangrando’ – a track that has touched our hearts and soul.

James Locksmith

Adriano K

The Crate

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Salah Sadeq


Shy Aynetchi

REAL CHANGE from adam michael becker on Vimeo.

Life in tent encampments, vehicles, motels, and storage units - REAL CHANGE focuses on four men who sell Real Change News, a street newspaper in Seattle. Follow ROBERT, GEORGE, DANIEL, and BUDDY as they navigate the less visible side of homelessness in America. Despite their struggles, they persevere. Each sells newspapers to get by.

Director / Cinematographer
Adam Michael Becker

Jared Richard

Music Composers
Aron Forbes
Chris Spilfogel

Alex Becker

Cast (Subjects)
Buddy McArdle
Daniel Anderson
George Sidwell
Robert Bennett




“Poignant and Disturbing”
“Living the American Nightmare”
-Phil Hall, Film Threat

“What was so interesting about this film were the shots…”
-Kelly Bader, SBCC Film Reviews


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Produced in collaboration with the Real Change Homeless Empowerment Project, Seattle Washington

Eye of the Storm from Henry Jun Wah Lee / Evosia on Vimeo.

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Now also available in 4K on Youtube:

Eye of the Storm is a winter saga in Iceland. In Iceland there are many kinds of storms. Ice, snow, rain, sand, ash, solar, magnetic, and more.

Storms are agents of change. While often destructive and unpredictable, they also demonstrate the unyielding power of nature. They reveal nature’s beauty and its hand in creating the landscapes we see today.

Shot in Iceland between February and March, 2014, I was lucky enough to witness and film the power of an X-class solar flare and coronal mass ejection hitting our atmosphere. The resulting auroras were a sight hard to believe, even in person and seeing it with my very own eyes. Enjoy the film!

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Music: The Eye of the Storm by Shaun Diaz, You can purchase the soundtrack “The Eye of the Storm” on iTunes,

Special thanks to our sponsors for making this film possible:
Kessler Crane - Film equipment, motion control gear -
Glacier Rental Car - Iceland car rentals -

I also want to give thanks and appreciation to Thorvardur Arnason for his friendship and invaluable help during my trip in Iceland. He is an amazing photographer as well as a timelapse filmmaker.

Shot on the Canon 1-DC and 5D Mk III in 5K raw. Motion control using Kessler Crane Cinedrive, Shuttlepod Mini, Turntable and Oracle. Edited and available in Cinema 4K and Ultra HD.

It’s about that time again. Salah Sadeq | Techfui is Loving these gems ;-{>

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Featuring: Ricardo Villalobos, Shaun Reeves, Vėjopatis, Valentin, Global Communication, Ripperton, Fantastic Man, Joel Mull, DJ Anya (Dubai), Marcellis.

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